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Being a mom is tough!

Wow, you can say that again! Just when I think I might (and when I say “might” it’s about 20%) have this mommy thing somewhat down… I get a BIG reality check, usually known in my house as a MAJOR MELTDOWN!

Now, please remember, my sweetness is only 11 1/2 months old! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a less than one year old adorable baby girl could throw and fit like this! Holy cow! The arched back, screams, crying, tears and then throwing herself onto the ground, on furniture or wherever else she can! Tough is an understatement!

So what have I decided to do, you may ask? I pray! When I feel the archness coming as I’m holding my sweet girl, I say “Lord, please help her to be calm and not to get hurt! Also, please help this mama to not lose her mind and watch her words!”

But, at the end of the day, when it is all said and done… I am joyful, tired, but joyful! I can take heart in knowing that I am a good mom. That I love my girl more than anything and that we had fun! I lay my head down on my pillow and get excited knowing how we get to do it all over again tomorrow!



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I’m not beautiful for a big girl! I’m JUST beautiful!

I guess I should start by telling you that I have always struggled with my weight since we moved from Canada to the US. I was 7 when we moved here and can remember it like it was yesterday! But, I was thin back then. Well “thin” is a relative term. I was not fat, heavy or large, I mean. I was an average 7 year old. Fast forward a few years and perhaps it was the stress of middle school or something else, but I gained weight! Now I am not short or petit, some even call me tall! I think I’m average for a female, I’m 5 ft 7 inches.

When I was in high school I played many sports. My brother, sister and I all played 2-3 sport per year, we come from a very athletic family. I started out the year playing tennis, then water polo and finished off my year with swim team. Mainly to condition for water polo season. I was good athlete, good at all of the sports I played. I played singles tennis and was quite competitive in doubles. I lettered four years in tennis, and was a starter on the varsity water polo team for four years and lettered in that as well. I also lettered on varsity swim three years and considered myself very active. Active I may have been… But definitely heavy! One time I remember ordering my skirt for tennis and it was so tight I couldn’t hardly breath! It was just awful. I was in the locker room alone trying to squeeze into it. Trying to convince myself a size 16 skirt fit. I would wear it unbuttoned and button it up when we got to our matches. How embarrassing. I just couldn’t bear telling my coach I needed a bigger size, since I was the biggest one on the team. That skirt hurt so badly and I can still remember what it felt like. Pinching my flab and cutting in on my stomach! Ouch, just terrible.

Now, think about water polo and swim team! I had to wear a bathing suit in front of tons and tons of people, everyday! But I was good and I could make shots from half tank (hence my nickname “half tank Marone”) so my weight was acceptable. I never had a date though. No one would ask me out or wanted me to be their girlfriend. I always thought something must be terrible wrong with me. I always turned to food help ease my pain!

It’s funny how looking back I never seemed to think I had a problem with eating and that I could control it. But I would eat a lot. I would eat secretly alone, when I was out babysitting and the kids had gone to bed, when people were there or not. Didn’t matter, that was my comfort.

So fast forward 14-15 years, and here I am! Proud wife and mother to a beautiful baby girl! Throughout the years I would lose weight and then gain and then try something new and then stop. I signed up for Weight Watchers online one night and started the next morning! Great success, I lost 50 lbs. I was 225 when I started and no one even knew I was that weight. People would always say “you carry it so well!” Thanks but no thanks! I wanted to be happy and healthy and here for a long time! I’ve tried it all… Jenny Craig, HCG, Vitamin B12 shots, eating one meal per day, Adkins, Diet Pills, Master Cleanse and on and on!

I was 190 lbs when I was first weighed by my doctor at my first prenatal visit. The day I delivered my sweet girl I weighed 259 lbs! A gain of 69 lbs! Yikes! Today, 11 and 1/2 months later, I sit here weighing 195! 5 lbs away from where I started. I was so hellbent on losing the weight within weeks or months of having her! Didn’t happen! Everyone told me “you will lose a ton of weight while breast feeding!” Nope, not me! But you know what I found that works? And this is going to BLOW your mind… Ready…….. Exercising and DIET! Wow! Who would have thought!

So why am I writing this? What does it matter that I lost weight? A friend of mine once said “it took 10 months to put on, don’t be so hard on yourself!” She was so right! You can do it! Who cares how long it takes! If I can… You most certainly can too! Believe in yourself. Love yourself just like God loves you! After all… He created us to be courageous, not lazy!

So get out there sexy mama! You are worth it!

Judging me? Oh please!

It’s funny because I never really thought there were so many judgmental people out there until I started reading parenting articles. Most of them show up on my newsfeed on social media. Interesting!

My oh my, there are so many articles, columns and books out there. Thousands and thousands of books about being a perfect parent! Everyone has an opinion. The best are the ones that are not even parents themselves. You know, those books that are written by babysitters, (I was a babysitter too) or men and women of all backgrounds, degrees and skill levels. The ones that tell you that you that you are a horrible parent. These views, I think, are just based on what they observe, not what they have personally experienced.

I admit, before I welcomed my beautiful baby girl into the world I may have been a bit like them. Perhaps a bit judgy myself! I would sit in a restaurant and think “why can’t those people control their child?” “Wow, that kid is watching tv while the family eats!” But, since that glorious day when I squeezed the most energetic and amazing baby out… I have learned a great amount about mothering, parenthood, boundaries, my friends and myself!

I love reading these articles about how we need to do this, not do that, watch this, not watch that! It’s madness. For my husband and I, we do not sit our daughter in front of the tv to be entertained, (she wouldn’t sit for 3 seconds even if we tried) but that is what we have decided in our home and what works for us. If that is something you choose to do, I do not care, you are raising your children, not mine! My sweet girl loves to hold my phone. It’s never on. She may look at pictures from time to time, but doesn’t watch anything on it. And guess what??? When we are out somewhere and she wants to hold my phone and is screaming or throwing a fit and it’s not a place I can get up and leave immediately… I give her the phone to hold! Yep, call me whatever you want! But I would much rather have a quiet baby, for everyone else’s sanity then one that is screaming and disturbing you while you do your shopping!

Some times, we have to do what we have to do in the moment to take care of a spiraling out of control situation before a major malfunction.

I plan to raise my children to be respectful, kind, outgoing, graceful people and if I do something you may not like or give my child something to eat that you think she shouldn’t have… Please don’t judge me! Remember… I’m not judging you!

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“Lord, why can’t babies just be born with all of their teeth? Oh, and while you are at it… No finger nails until they are old enough to cut them by themselves!”

Gosh, that would be easy! But… No! Could you imagine nursing a baby with a full set of chompers? It’s enough when they are 6, 7, 8 … months old and those amazing little buds make their entrance into the world, breaking though and becoming one of the most painful things that your baby or your nipple have ever experienced!

Teething babies are the pits!!!! How helpless do you feel when your child is in so much pain and there is next to nothing that you can to do soothe them! Rocking, singing, playing, baths, chewing on anything and everything in site, or Tylenol! Anything to help this precious creature feel better! I’d give my left eye or right for that matter, to make her feel better and oh…that thing called… Sleep! Sweet, delightful, beautiful sleep! It’s those nights, the ones when you are exhausted yourself, when it starts. Not the nights when you are fully rested, saying “bring it on! Bring in those baby buds! Mama’s ready!” Nope, it’s the days when you all had so much fun, you just can’t wait to rest your sweet little head on that soft, comfy, delicious pillow! Yep, those nights! When you drift into a peaceful sleep, only to be woken up what feels like a lifetime later! Which in actuality had only been 10 minutes and you know, in that moment … This is going to be a LONG night?!? I’ve been there, sweet friend, we all have! And if she tells you she hasn’t, she’s a big fat liar pants or her night is…tonight! Pray for her! Pray for us all. We need it.

Have you ever looked at your teething, sleepless, fussy, screaming baby while rocking them to sleep in the middle of the night and a thought creeps into your head…”STOP! STOP NOW! I’M SO BEYOND TIRED!” I kick myself after that thought. My poor girl is in a terrible amount of pain and I just want to sleep! It’s okay, we all have these thoughts. Keep rocking, keep singing, just keep going. You will make it through. Your eyes will be burning, 4 cups of coffee won’t be enough but you will come out victorious! After all, there are only 20 baby teeth that have to make their way through!

Maybe it isn’t the teething, I think! Maybe I’m a horrible mama and that it is an upset stomach from the rice and chicken we shared from Chipotle! Or maybe she’s sick from all of the hose water she’s been drinking. Hose water! Yum! Man, I used to love that stuff! The delicious taste of iron on my sweet lips. Could you imagine if one of those “judgy” moms saw me now? What would they say? They judge everything you do as a mom. “You let her cry herself to sleep, that’s wrong! You rock her, wrong! 9 o’clock is way to late for bed, 6 is way to early! Sleeps in her crib! No! Sleeps in your room! Terrible! Your bed!!!!! NO WAY! Buying baby food, wrong! You’d better make it! You give her cheese, wrong… rice, wrong! Tortillas! Eeks! Hummus! No way! Water… Are you kidding me! Juice?!? You give her juice! WRONG! ! Breastfeeding…. Not breastfeeding! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!” The list goes on and on and on…

Let me speak a little bit of truth into you. You are amazing, mom! You have taken on this career, God’s work! Being a mother is the hardest, most rewarding job we will ever have. I’m so new in my “career” but I do know that I am a rockstar, and you are too! Just getting up everyday and greeting that little one, knowing that there is a huge world out there for her to conquer and that I am guiding her to be the amazing woman she is. I couldn’t ask for anything more wonderful!

Blessing to you for an amazing and beautiful day!

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Oh no, not another Stay at Home Mom Blog

Yes, yes, it is! This one might be different though!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Carrie, I’m 30 years old, married to an AMAZING man, Matt and have the most adorable (I know, everyone says that) baby girl, 11 month old Penelope Grace. She is dynamic, outgoing and our little Tasmanian devil! This girl keeps mama on her toes! So, more about ME! One year ago yesterday, I left my career as a Business Banking Specialist (in the financial world for 12 years) with a large financial institution to finish out the last month of baking my little one! And now, one year later… I am happy, tired and full of joy with the decision Matt and I made to have me stay home to try my best to mould, train, guide and just survive day to day life!

I’d love to say that my baby is my reason I get up everyone morning, but usually I just have to pee! Penelope is my morning riser and she loves to get up between 6-7:30! I get up between 6-6:30 to workout and with the support of Matt, I usually get that done! Or I would be a wreck / crazy obsessed with everything I put in my mouth all day long! Yes, I am beyond obsessed and a little annoying when it comes to my weight! I’m not a skinny lady by ANY means of the spectrum, but I like to exercise. I was pregnant with Penelope when Matt and I tied the knot, and are having our official wedding this October! I wanna look hot! More on that later!

So, what the heck is different about my blog, you ask? Maybe nothing, maybe everything, maybe I’m just keeping it real! This will be my honesty blog, the ups and downs of motherhood and life in general. By the Grace of God, and the amazing support system of friends and family, I am one truly blessed mama! Stressed at times, beyond happy and excited, down at others… I will take you through our day to day challenges, exciting milestones and just be honest! I’d like to give a little tip or something new that I’ve learned during my days staying home with my spunky babe! Man, this mothering thing is hard, scary, and sometimes dreadful, but looking at your tiny miracle who screamed and yelled and threw all of her cottage cheese all over your carpet is what makes it all worth it!