Oh no, not another Stay at Home Mom Blog

Yes, yes, it is! This one might be different though!

Let me introduce myself! My name is Carrie, I’m 30 years old, married to an AMAZING man, Matt and have the most adorable (I know, everyone says that) baby girl, 11 month old Penelope Grace. She is dynamic, outgoing and our little Tasmanian devil! This girl keeps mama on her toes! So, more about ME! One year ago yesterday, I left my career as a Business Banking Specialist (in the financial world for 12 years) with a large financial institution to finish out the last month of baking my little one! And now, one year later… I am happy, tired and full of joy with the decision Matt and I made to have me stay home to try my best to mould, train, guide and just survive day to day life!

I’d love to say that my baby is my reason I get up everyone morning, but usually I just have to pee! Penelope is my morning riser and she loves to get up between 6-7:30! I get up between 6-6:30 to workout and with the support of Matt, I usually get that done! Or I would be a wreck / crazy obsessed with everything I put in my mouth all day long! Yes, I am beyond obsessed and a little annoying when it comes to my weight! I’m not a skinny lady by ANY means of the spectrum, but I like to exercise. I was pregnant with Penelope when Matt and I tied the knot, and are having our official wedding this October! I wanna look hot! More on that later!

So, what the heck is different about my blog, you ask? Maybe nothing, maybe everything, maybe I’m just keeping it real! This will be my honesty blog, the ups and downs of motherhood and life in general. By the Grace of God, and the amazing support system of friends and family, I am one truly blessed mama! Stressed at times, beyond happy and excited, down at others… I will take you through our day to day challenges, exciting milestones and just be honest! I’d like to give a little tip or something new that I’ve learned during my days staying home with my spunky babe! Man, this mothering thing is hard, scary, and sometimes dreadful, but looking at your tiny miracle who screamed and yelled and threw all of her cottage cheese all over your carpet is what makes it all worth it!


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