“Lord, why can’t babies just be born with all of their teeth? Oh, and while you are at it… No finger nails until they are old enough to cut them by themselves!”

Gosh, that would be easy! But… No! Could you imagine nursing a baby with a full set of chompers? It’s enough when they are 6, 7, 8 … months old and those amazing little buds make their entrance into the world, breaking though and becoming one of the most painful things that your baby or your nipple have ever experienced!

Teething babies are the pits!!!! How helpless do you feel when your child is in so much pain and there is next to nothing that you can to do soothe them! Rocking, singing, playing, baths, chewing on anything and everything in site, or Tylenol! Anything to help this precious creature feel better! I’d give my left eye or right for that matter, to make her feel better and oh…that thing called… Sleep! Sweet, delightful, beautiful sleep! It’s those nights, the ones when you are exhausted yourself, when it starts. Not the nights when you are fully rested, saying “bring it on! Bring in those baby buds! Mama’s ready!” Nope, it’s the days when you all had so much fun, you just can’t wait to rest your sweet little head on that soft, comfy, delicious pillow! Yep, those nights! When you drift into a peaceful sleep, only to be woken up what feels like a lifetime later! Which in actuality had only been 10 minutes and you know, in that moment … This is going to be a LONG night?!? I’ve been there, sweet friend, we all have! And if she tells you she hasn’t, she’s a big fat liar pants or her night is…tonight! Pray for her! Pray for us all. We need it.

Have you ever looked at your teething, sleepless, fussy, screaming baby while rocking them to sleep in the middle of the night and a thought creeps into your head…”STOP! STOP NOW! I’M SO BEYOND TIRED!” I kick myself after that thought. My poor girl is in a terrible amount of pain and I just want to sleep! It’s okay, we all have these thoughts. Keep rocking, keep singing, just keep going. You will make it through. Your eyes will be burning, 4 cups of coffee won’t be enough but you will come out victorious! After all, there are only 20 baby teeth that have to make their way through!

Maybe it isn’t the teething, I think! Maybe I’m a horrible mama and that it is an upset stomach from the rice and chicken we shared from Chipotle! Or maybe she’s sick from all of the hose water she’s been drinking. Hose water! Yum! Man, I used to love that stuff! The delicious taste of iron on my sweet lips. Could you imagine if one of those “judgy” moms saw me now? What would they say? They judge everything you do as a mom. “You let her cry herself to sleep, that’s wrong! You rock her, wrong! 9 o’clock is way to late for bed, 6 is way to early! Sleeps in her crib! No! Sleeps in your room! Terrible! Your bed!!!!! NO WAY! Buying baby food, wrong! You’d better make it! You give her cheese, wrong… rice, wrong! Tortillas! Eeks! Hummus! No way! Water… Are you kidding me! Juice?!? You give her juice! WRONG! ! Breastfeeding…. Not breastfeeding! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!” The list goes on and on and on…

Let me speak a little bit of truth into you. You are amazing, mom! You have taken on this career, God’s work! Being a mother is the hardest, most rewarding job we will ever have. I’m so new in my “career” but I do know that I am a rockstar, and you are too! Just getting up everyday and greeting that little one, knowing that there is a huge world out there for her to conquer and that I am guiding her to be the amazing woman she is. I couldn’t ask for anything more wonderful!

Blessing to you for an amazing and beautiful day!


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