Judging me? Oh please!

It’s funny because I never really thought there were so many judgmental people out there until I started reading parenting articles. Most of them show up on my newsfeed on social media. Interesting!

My oh my, there are so many articles, columns and books out there. Thousands and thousands of books about being a perfect parent! Everyone has an opinion. The best are the ones that are not even parents themselves. You know, those books that are written by babysitters, (I was a babysitter too) or men and women of all backgrounds, degrees and skill levels. The ones that tell you that you that you are a horrible parent. These views, I think, are just based on what they observe, not what they have personally experienced.

I admit, before I welcomed my beautiful baby girl into the world I may have been a bit like them. Perhaps a bit judgy myself! I would sit in a restaurant and think “why can’t those people control their child?” “Wow, that kid is watching tv while the family eats!” But, since that glorious day when I squeezed the most energetic and amazing baby out… I have learned a great amount about mothering, parenthood, boundaries, my friends and myself!

I love reading these articles about how we need to do this, not do that, watch this, not watch that! It’s madness. For my husband and I, we do not sit our daughter in front of the tv to be entertained, (she wouldn’t sit for 3 seconds even if we tried) but that is what we have decided in our home and what works for us. If that is something you choose to do, I do not care, you are raising your children, not mine! My sweet girl loves to hold my phone. It’s never on. She may look at pictures from time to time, but doesn’t watch anything on it. And guess what??? When we are out somewhere and she wants to hold my phone and is screaming or throwing a fit and it’s not a place I can get up and leave immediately… I give her the phone to hold! Yep, call me whatever you want! But I would much rather have a quiet baby, for everyone else’s sanity then one that is screaming and disturbing you while you do your shopping!

Some times, we have to do what we have to do in the moment to take care of a spiraling out of control situation before a major malfunction.

I plan to raise my children to be respectful, kind, outgoing, graceful people and if I do something you may not like or give my child something to eat that you think she shouldn’t have… Please don’t judge me! Remember… I’m not judging you!


2 thoughts on “Judging me? Oh please!

  1. I can so relate to this….as an adoptive mom of a child with a medical condition that sometimes requires treatments that don’t always look fun, I have felt the “judgment” of many mom’s who just have no clue and of those who aren’t parents… But we know what works for our children and know that what we are doing we are doing out of love!


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