Being a mom is tough!

Wow, you can say that again! Just when I think I might (and when I say “might” it’s about 20%) have this mommy thing somewhat down… I get a BIG reality check, usually known in my house as a MAJOR MELTDOWN!

Now, please remember, my sweetness is only 11 1/2 months old! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that a less than one year old adorable baby girl could throw and fit like this! Holy cow! The arched back, screams, crying, tears and then throwing herself onto the ground, on furniture or wherever else she can! Tough is an understatement!

So what have I decided to do, you may ask? I pray! When I feel the archness coming as I’m holding my sweet girl, I say “Lord, please help her to be calm and not to get hurt! Also, please help this mama to not lose her mind and watch her words!”

But, at the end of the day, when it is all said and done… I am joyful, tired, but joyful! I can take heart in knowing that I am a good mom. That I love my girl more than anything and that we had fun! I lay my head down on my pillow and get excited knowing how we get to do it all over again tomorrow!




6 thoughts on “Being a mom is tough!

  1. Thankful that His mercies are new every morning and that we do get the chance to start all over! 🙂 And JOY! Yes! The joy of the Lord is our strength! Thanks for sharing today! So glad you’re a part of the OBS community! 🙂 Hugs! ~ Shelly (P31 OBS Team)


  2. A decision to pray is the best decision of all! Especially when the moment of tantrums is on the way! Who knew such precious little ones could throw such big fits?! Glad to read your blog through the blog hop.


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