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Bitterness, jealously and gossip, oh my!

You know when you get criticized for doing something you love? Not hurting anyone just speaking what’s on your mind? Probably not even offending anyone, but they want to tear you down? Yea, I can relate! It’s such a bummer too! Is it jealously? Or bitterness? Or….? What, What could it be!

Sometimes other people, other women, other MOM’s, their words can be so hurtful! Sometimes we are the ones who speak those hurtful words and don’t even realize we’ve said something to upset the other person, until we hear it through the grapevine. Maybe people are overly sensitive. Maybe they have a past full of hurt and are carrying it with them into this season of their life. Maybe they have nothing better to do than gossip. I’m guilty of it, I hate to admit it, I hate to know that I am one of them. Gosh, it’s hard to write those words. I try so hard not to. You may be reading this saying “heck no, that’s not me! I would never. I could never!” Well sweet sister…. I envy you! Or maybe you are saying “OMGoodness, me too! I try so hard but sometimes the devil gets in my head and gets me going!” I feel that way too!

Let’s make a pack today, you and I… Let’s really really watch what we say! Is it something that is going to benefit the other person or hurt their character? You and I, today… Let’s vow to build each other up, work hard helping each other, encouraging each other and being just as kind to that other mama as you’d want her to be to you! Remember, we were not created to do this life alone, this mothering thing alone! So grab that other tired mamas hand and hold on to it tightly, she may be the only one who understands you in your next season of motherhood!