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Happy Veterans Day!

Let’s not forget why we celebrate this day! To thank all of those men and women who serve, served and sacrificed their lives for US! You and I! So we can be free! What an amazing blessing these people have given us! God Bless them all!

We were fortunate enough to be able to spwnd the day with daddy, as his company had the day off today! We started the day with mommy getting some much needed relaxation at the nail salon! It always funny to see the mix of folks in there! Always enjoyable and comical!

Then we headed to the Zoo! Another mix of interesting people and animals! Matt had only been to the zoo once, and that was last year when we originally got our annual passes! So excited that Penelope was bigger this year and able to run around! It was quite crowded in the parking lot! Not always the best indication of what’s to come… But we pressed on! We saw tons of animals, from the giraffes to the elephants to the flamingos! We had a blast!

Onward to lunch…. We decided to go to one of our new “go to” places! Lazy Dog in Mission Valley has won us over! Quite a selection and pretty kid friendly! Their kid meals are only $4.95 and are a lot of food! I get the caramelized brussel sprouts every time! They are Delish! Penelope was exhausted and we had to take half of Matt’s burger to go! Once you have kids, you learn to scarf your food down!  Who knows when you will have a chance to sit and eat again! Matt hasn’t mastered that yet… The time will come  a he will learn! 🙂

Again, thank you to our Veterans! Your service and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed or unloved! God bless you!


My new approach

Well… time has flown by and I haven’t written as much as I would have hoped! So, I’ve decided to take a new approach.

We will take you on a journey! Our day to day fun, activities and struggles! Showing what Penelope and I do daily on this crazy, wonderful world!

So, get ready to join us in the fun, as we expore San Diego and beyond……..